BBM Training: Week 13 Recap

A week when I managed to mostly keep up with my running schedule, so of course it was a week when injuries took over. Currently dealing with undiagnosed “runner’s knee” in my left knee, which makes it hard to keep up mileage (mostly because I question whether I should actually be running when my knee feels like that). But it wouldn’t be marathon training if there weren’t injuries involved, right?

Goal mileage:

  • Short run: 7 miles
  • Short run: 7 miles
  • Short run: 7 miles
  • Long, slow, distance: 13 miles

Actual mileage:

  • Short run: 7 miles
  • Short run: 5 miles
  • Short run: 3 miles
  • Long, slow, distance: 13 miles

Injury report: My left knee cap feels uncentered. Like it’s sliding around off the track that it’s supposed to follow. When it’s not sliding all over the place, I have acute pain beneath the kneecap. Sometimes it’s in the 7 o’clock position. Sometimes it’s in the 3 o’clock position. But something usually hurts on that knee. After some extensive Google searching, I came to the conclusion that it’s likely due to overcompensating with my quads and lower muscles due weak/unstable hips and weak glutes. Sound familiar? Sounds like 80% of my running injuries! So back to hip bridges and more time with the foam roller.

In other news, I had some more chafing issues this week, right along the waistband of my shorts. Whereas I was able to find a workaround for the chafing on my collarbone (run in shorter loops so I can come back to the same place to drink water instead of trying to carry it with me in my hydration vest), I haven’t yet found the workaround that allows me to run without shorts. Still thinking on that one…

Long run report: 13 miles. I thought it would be a nice and easy 13 miles after getting through 17 last week, but my long runs are still proving to be long, hard runs. I made it through just fine, but was pretty wiped out for the rest of the day. And the next day after that.

Misc: I think I’m getting old. I notice that I tend to get more tired than I have in the past when trying to expend the same amount of energy. I’ve been trying to get through a lot of yard work, partly due to a sense of obligation to improve the look of my yard for my neighbors’ sake, and partly out of a sense of pending deadline. I’m taking a programming class that starts in a week and a half, and between full-time work, class, and marathon training, I really won’t have time for anything else. So I’m trying to get the big projects out of the way. However, it seems that the big projects are also the projects that take the most energy. After consecutive days of high-intensity labor and high-mileage runs, I get a little pooped! Fortunately I’ve made a lot of progress on the big projects, and I’m getting close to done with them, which will hopefully leave me a bit more energy for training.

Adjustments for next week: We’re supposed to have some hot weather coming our way this week and next week. And the week after that. I think I’ll work on my pre-hydration routines. Maybe try to get to bed a bit earlier. The rest is the same – more time with the foam roller, and doing my best to stick to the schedule.

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