BBM Training: Week 9 Recap

My big adjustment this week has been figuring out how to transition some of my exercise habits to the afternoon/evening (I have a new schedule at work). Previously, I’d been working mostly evenings, which is great for a leisurely long run in the morning. Not great when I go to bed way past my regular bedtime and still have to get up earlier than usual to try to avoid the heat and humidity. Now I have a few more daytime shifts, which gives me back my reasonable bedtime, but doesn’t leave a lot of time for morning runs when I have to catch the bus at 7am. So I’ve been trying to switch some of my morning runs to afternoon/evening runs. Between the heat index and the UV index, it is…I’ll say it…treacherous to be outside at times. And almost impossible to rehydrate afterwards.

I’d love to see the exchange rate on that training effort. It’s like one of those complicated math problems. If I run 4 miles in 95 degree heat, direct sunlight and 180% humidity, how many miles does that work out to in, say, 80 degree heat and 120% humidity? It sure feels like I’m giving monumentally more effort than whatever was on my training schedule. Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?

Goal mileage:

  • Short run: 6 miles
  • Short run: 6 miles
  • Short run: 6 miles
  • Long, slow, distance: 16 miles

Actual mileage:

  • Short run: 4 miles (evening run)
  • Short run: 4 miles (another evening run)
  • Short run: 4 + 5 miles (trail)
  • Long, slow, distance: 11 miles, road

Injury report: After 4 months of physical therapy, it seems all I needed was a foam roller. My long runs haven’t been cut short due to knee pain the past two weeks (knock on wood) while I’ve been keeping up with foam rolling. Right knee. Left knee is still niggly from my mis-step on the trail a few weeks back. Runnable. Hopefully not getting worse. Right hip tightness is still there in full force. But it’s been there off and on for the past 5 years, and I’ve run 3 marathons in that time. So hopefully still runnable and not getting worse. Training plan: just keep ignoring everything.

Long run report: I intentionally ran fewer miles than scheduled this week because I’m trying to get a handle on these side stitches. My legs didn’t quite feel tired the whole way, but they didn’t really have any energy in them either. It felt like a slog, but when I checked my average pace at the end, it turned out I wasn’t running as slow as it felt like I was. Glad to be done with it, though.

Misc: With long runs giving me such a hard time, I’m trying to find other ways to work on distance and endurance. I’m not quite sold on it yet, but I’ve heard other people getting their long runs in by doing an evening run followed by a morning run. A few hours of rest in between, but still running on tired legs. With my new work schedule, this training schedule would definitely be an option for me. I’d still feel a lot better if I could run 16 miles straight through, but if I can get 16 miles between two back-to-back runs, maybe that will help.

Adjustments for next week: More water. And maybe a gym membership. It might be necessary to retreat indoors under these conditions.

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