My Boston Meal Plan

I love having a plan for things, and I love looking back at past experiences and learning how to improve for next time. One of the lessons I learned from Marine Corps was that the combination of marathon training and my irregular hours at work left little energy and room for anything else. I particularly noticed this when making grocery lists each week and regularly found that I couldn’t focus long enough to remember what things I had ran out of in the past week, much less also plan for any new kitchen experiments. I think I rotated between three different recipes for the entirety of training because they were the tried and true recipes that I kinda remember, so they came to mind first in my halfhearted attempts at making somewhat healthy food.

Life in general tends to be easier for me when I have an idea of what to expect, so I make plans on the off-chance that things might work out according to those plans. In an attempt to simplify my marathon/work grocery paralysis, I took the liberty of looking up a bunch of runner-approved meals to complement the 14 weeks left of my 16-week marathon training plan (many from the Runners World “Meals on the Run” cookbook). Although I doubt I will make every single one of these recipes, it at least gives me a starting place for shopping. Check back in the coming weeks for the recipes and outcomes!


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