Bout That Time, Eh?

bout that timeAnd just like that, another season of marathon training begins. Surprise!

After the Marine Corps Marathon, I immediately began planning for Boston by not paying attention to my calendar. I counted out the weeks between MCM and Boston, realized that my next marathon was about a lifetime away (to be more precise, it was half a year away), and commenced running easy without any weekly mileage goals. I had made up my mind to do another 16-week training plan to prepare for Boston, which meant that I had all the time in the world to rest, right? After all, the next marathon was 26 fulls weeks away.

Time math has never been my strong suit. Whereas I thought official training would begin sometime in mid-January, maybe even late January, it eventually occurred to me that maybe it would be worthwhile to double check my assumptions by actually doing the math. As it turns out, a 16-week training plan begins…today.

Training for Boston already has a different quality to it than my previous three marathons because there is such a long time leading up to the race. Boston requires a qualifying marathon time, which means that training with the goal of running the Boston marathon begins months or years before the actual race. Really, I’ve been training for Boston for almost a year and a half now. The 16-week plan that starts today is just the last push to the starting line (and hopefully the finish line!).

Although this 16-week period kinda snuck up on me, it also helps calm my nerve to remember that I’m not entering training unprepared. I’ve already got my base built from running the Marine Corps Marathon 10 weeks ago, and I feel fairly familiar at this point with the schedules and routines of official training (oh, how I love them!). Let the training begin!


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