Boston Bound!

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While training for my first marathon, I tentatively said in an offhand manner that I might someday consider maybe wanting to run the Boston marathon (probably inspired by the fit of glory and delusions of grandeur that follow a really great training run). At the time, I knew nothing about Boston, and nothing really about marathons, except that the Boston marathon was a thing. Therefore, I wanted to run it. I didn’t know that Boston required not only a qualifying time, but also an unbelievably long interim between qualifying and registering, and the most agonizing wait in the history of the world while the committee verified your previous marathon time and compared it with thousands upon thousands of other hopefuls. Well, 2.5 years after the thought flitted across my mind (and almost a year after qualifying), I’m now headed to Boston!

In six months. Once I was officially registered for Boston, training for the Marine Corps Marathon became pre-training for Boston. No hemming and hawing on goal times for this marathon – I want to qualify for Boston again while running Boston. I’d love to have another marathon experience like Richmond. Training starts now (though I have to remember that training also starts with recovering from Marine Corps) because April 18th, 2016 will be here in the blink of an eye!



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5 responses to “Boston Bound!

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  4. Melissa @ See Dav Run

    Congrats! That’s amazing to see a dream come true! 🙂


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