And What’s Your Excuse?

Sometimes thoughts of running occur more watch tracks excusesfrequently than instances of running. This particularly applies to the first three weeks of marathon training as I attempt to establish routines in the midst of what feels like nonstop transition.  For me, routines are self-perpetuating. The existence of a routine contributes to the maintenance of the routine. Once developed, it requires little effort. Establishing a routine, though, is the hard part. My current problem is struggling to understand why a routine is necessary (of course it’s necessary! Marathons and whims don’t really go together), so my good intentions are easily derailed.

Here is a collection of excuses (some valid, most not) that have crossed my mind recently

  • I’m not familiar with this area
  • I didn’t map out a new route ahead of time
  • There aren’t any sidewalks on these roads (actually, this is a semi-valid excuse)
  • I have to walk the dog
  • I stayed in bed too long and now there will be more cars on the road
  • I’ll get to it later today (didn’t happen)
  • Today will be a yoga day (which also didn’t happen)
  • My knee has that funny twinge, can’t push that too hard
  • I only slept X hours last night
  • I ate too recently
  • I’m on-call (Not a valid excuse. Being on-call doesn’t mean I can’t run, it just means my running radius is drastically reduced)
  • It’s raining (though several people I have talked to agree with me that running in the rain is fine, even enjoyable at times, but starting a run while it is currently raining means summoning every last reserve of will-power and determination)
  • I’ll add extra miles to my run tomorrow
  • Whooo boy, that heat index! (Also a valid excuse)
  • I won’t have enough time to get ready before work
  • I’ll be fine if I miss one day of training
  • I can’t even

And some thoughts that cross my mind when I reflect on my non-running

  • Dang, I wish I’d gone for a run today!
  • But what will I blog about?

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