Celebrating S’mores

Take your pick: summer, winter, spring, fall. Campfire, fire pit, fire place. S’mores are good any time of year. No, s’mores are so much better than good. The marshmallow toasted to golden-brown perfection (or burned to a crisp) lovingly smashed between graham crackers and slightly melted chocolate evokes blissful ecstasy and pure gastrointestinal satisfaction. I think s’mores should claim their rightful place as the All-American dessert in recognition of the glory that is making and eating s’mores.

I say this with good reason. As a Peace Corps Volunteer in Samoa, some friends and I decided to make s’mores with some of the local children. This took some strategic planning because marshmallows came in on the shipping boat once in a blue moon, so we had to wait for the fates to align for all essential elements to be available in local stores. We built a fire using coconut husks and coconut shells then demonstrated the proper technique for marshmallow toasting and s’more making. The kids seemed skeptical but curious. When the s’mores were finished and the kids were holding gooey goodness in their hands, my friends and I went to town gobbling up this piece of American culture. Meanwhile, the kids picked apart their s’mores, licked the chocolate off the graham cracker and marshmallow, and gave the rest to the dogs. Clearly it would take some time (and more marshmallows) for them to understand and appreciate all aspects of the s’more experience. Because they weren’t immediately enamored with this most delectable treat, I figured s’mores are a uniquely American creation (unlike apple pie). As such, they should be recognized as the All-American dessert of choice (instead of apple pie).

Not only are s’mores indisputably the best thing about summer, but they are incredibly versatile and adaptable. S’mores come in any number of different varieties: s’mores with peanut butter cups in the middle, s’mores between shortbread cookies, dark chocolate s’mores. And should you desire s’mores without the campfire (though why you would, I don’t even know), there are even more options: s’mores cupcakes, s’mores cookies, s’mores pie, I’ve even had a grilled s’mores doughnut. I have yet to encounter an unsatisfactory s’more.

With that being said, have a s’more and share the love!


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