Marathon State of Mind

And so it begins. I’m officially in pre-training mode for my next marathon, the Marine Corps Marathon in Arlington, Virginia on October 25th (which happens to be celebrating its 40th year in 2015, woohoo!). I’ve settled on a 16-week training plan, so even though I have two weeks before I really dig into marathon training, I’m already in the marathon mindset.

In the interim, I will preoccupy myself by compulsively reviewing my training plan, discussing it with anyone and everyone who will lend me an ear for a minimum of 30 seconds, and reconsidering every planned run at least three times (though it’s unlikely that any of these activities will actually lead to alterations in my training plan).

Additionally, I will fret over any potential changes to my schedule (and there are quite a few, what with starting a new job and a to-be-determined move), agonize over lingering injuries (how far and how hard can I run without destroying myself and my opportunity to run Boston in 2016?), and swing wildly between visions of grandeur and conservative realism when setting and resetting my race goals (which will probably happen at least eight times a day).

On top of all that, I can review my regular running loops (for distance, intensity, amount of shade at different times of the day, traffic patterns, etc.), research new and exciting track and/or hill workouts, and prepare a meal plan full of vegetables and carbs!

And did I mention sleep? I love to sleep! It’s never too soon to start sleeping well before a big race!

Just thinking about all the little details of preparing for a marathon makes me giddy with excitement! I’m also thrilled to be preparing for MCM with a group of great running friends. I appreciate the comradery and accountability, but really, the most important part is the exponential increase in fun that comes from preparing for the same race (even though each of us has our own individual race goal). Let the training begin!


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