The Color of Samoa is Green

One of the conversations that still sticks out to me happened early on with one of the pastor’s daughters. She asked me, “What is the color of your country?” This was one of a million questions that had been thrown at me in my first few days of which I knew I was misunderstanding some critical piece, but could not figure out what that piece was, so I told her that the colors of the flag are red, white and blue. She nodded, then responded, “The color of Samoa is green” (and then her question made perfect sense). This conversation inspired a blog post in which I attempted to describe the unbelievably breathtaking beauty of Samoa, yet found the words woefully inadequate. I still find myself at a loss for words, but I’m going to try again because it feels necessary. The natural beauty of Samoa is everywhere, in everything, and is a gift every day.

Samoa has an infinite sky. The sunrise and sunset orchestrate a brilliant display of fiery colors against the lazy and relaxed silhouette of palm trees. When the sky is spotted with clouds placed accidentally-on-purpose in the exact right spot, they only emphasize the careless, thoughtless, and effortless perfection of the sky.

While green certainly holds a prominent spot in Samoan life, every other color imaginable also makes an appearance. All the colors shine with a vibrant, brazen ferocity (maybe that’s the result of tropical strength sun?). Although the beauty is absolutely effortless, it is not passive. The splendor of Samoa is audacious, unapologetic, almost defiant – how could anything dare to be so stunning? Everything about Samoa begs for awe because it is deserving of it.

I still find myself incapable of capturing and conveying the beauty of Samoa, both in words and in pictures. But I have to try because it is too good to keep to myself.


















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